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SX MMA is an innovative MMA club building efficient systems and training methods to support the journey of experienced Martial Artists and novices alike. Our focus is on achieving self-defence and sporting performance advantages with an holistic approach to training.

Our club is community based, and we offer a safe and supportive learning environment within our specialist facility at the Brentwood Leisure Centre in Essex. We welcome you all to enjoy training in effective Martial Arts and building fitness with the support of highly experienced coaches and Martial Artists from a diversity of martial arts and combat sport backgrounds.

With many Martial Arts to choose from, we will inspire and guide you to find your path and to piece together your own unique, ever-evolving strategies. These training pathways include ongoing development for Self-defence, MMA , Combat sports, and Fitness.

SX MMA is more than just an MMA Club!


We look forward to seeing you on the mats!

About SX MMA

Nas, Ingatestone

“Classes are fun and SX MMA has a very friendly and welcoming environment - from white belt to black belt, fight novice to professional, members help each other develop and everyone is there to support. 10/10 gym!"

Brooke, Chelmsford

"I’ve been training at SXMMA for some years now, the training environment is fun, respectful & welcoming to all levels. The coaches are the best of the best and will go above and beyond to support you on your journey! Would 100% recommend! 🥇"

Thomas, Brentwood

“By far the best Juijitsu and mma coach and club in Essex in my opinion.
Alan’s breakdown on techniques is next to none , he gets all breakdowns ie submissions, sparring,  footwork down to a T”

SX MMA Journey 

SX MMA started as Essex Submission Wrestlers in 2013 and naturally evolved into SX MMA in 2016.

In the early days we produced teams of competitive grapplers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Nogi Grappling. Within just 3 years we had brought home over 100 tournament medals and developed our first English Champion.

Then, in 2016 we took our first 3 MMA fighters to Amateur MMA Competition at UCMMA. All 3 victorious. All 3 finished their fights via submission or TKO.

This then inspired us to take on more competitions in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and, of course, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Around this we have cultured an environment of a wide variety of martial artists, of all abilities training together, be it for competition, self defence or just for the fun of it.

Whilst competition isn't everything, we have continued to bring a wealth of up to date knowledge of martial arts, fitness, nutrition and performance to help all of our members succeed be it in tournament or in life.

At SX MMA you only compete if you want to, however we are proud to maintain a win percentage of over 70%. But, we are even more proud of how we overcome and learn from our defeats.

We now have multiple champions in multiple weightclasses including at Cage Warriors Academy. And we have some top prospects entering the pro ranks also. These competitors are here to help you on your martial arts journey too.

Join our growing community and team today and kickstart your martial arts journey with a supportive community and highly experienced and qualified coaches / mixed martial artists.


Gemma, Witham

"As a small woman, this has been the best gym I've trained at by far. The guys are super friendly, no weirdness... and the coaches are involved and supportive."


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